Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Sharleen Leahey: Singing Out for Activists

photo: Left Forum 2015

Sharleen Leahey is a movement troubadour. She sings Pete Seeger songs, Woody Guthrie songs, her own songs about timeless issues and issues of the day. Her latest CD collection is titled “For the 99.” The first verse of the title song pulls listeners into the middle of a demonstration, whether in New York or New Brunswick, Washington or Newark:

We are gathered here in the people’s square
So we can have our say
We have come today to protest the way
Our rulers have behaved

A Somerville, NJ resident, Leahey ranges around the world in addressing war and peace issues, social justice issues, human rights issues. Here’s two verses of “Good People”:

Drone over Afghanistan
A village laid waste
The pilot can’t get hurt ten thousand miles away
Nintendo death the modern military way
Brought by the good people
Homeless on the street
An old woman stripped of pride
Half a block from the new boutiques
She’s standing on a church breadline
This ain’t the ‘30s
It’s the new millennium time
Where are the good people?

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